Shipping to the United States

We are pleased to offer our bare root roses to our southern neighbours.  Please note that there is a price difference for US mail order roses, due to additional exportation costs such as: brokerage fees, phytosanitary certification, increased border protocols, and ever fluctuation of exchange rate.  Therefore, all roses shipping to the U.S.A. must be paid in US dollars.

Shipping Method - Bare Root Roses Only

We ship bare root roses via UPS ground.  We also offer UPS three days select services which we may recommend depending the time of year and shipping location. To determine your shipping cost using the available shipping methods please locate the desired method of transportation and match it up with the number of roses ordered.

Number of RosesUPS GroundUPS 3 Day Select
to FL, MN, OR, TX,
(shipping zone 6-8)
UPS 3 Day Select
rest of
Continental USA
3 to 9USD $32.95USD $75.95USD $59.95
10 to 19USD $36.95USD $94.95USD $69.95
20 to 29USD $52.95USD $125.95USD $92.95
1 to 3 rose trees (includes up to 6 rose bushes)USD $38.95USD $72.95USD $46.95
4 to 7 rose trees (includes up to 12 rose bushes)USD $68.95USD $132.95USD $75.95
(all roses being shipped to the U.S.A. will be charged in U.S. dollars)

For orders larger then 29 plants use the shipping rate of 29 roses and we will advise on exact amount with the confirmation.  Orders shipping to Hawaii and Alaska please inquire separately for rates.

Fine Print for United States Mail Orders

"Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in it's defence." 
- Mark Overby