Shipping to Canada

Shipping Bare Root Roses

We ship our bare root roses via Loomis Express.  To determine your shipping cost using our standard shipping method, please locate the first letter of your postal code and match it up with the number of roses ordered.

Number of Roses

Postal Codes

Postal Codes

Postal Codes

3 to 9$32.95 – $38.95$37.65 – $43.65$48.95 – $55.85
10 to 19$39.95 – $48.95$44.65 – $53.65 $57.00- $67.35
20 to 29$49.95 – $58.95$54.65 – $63.65$68.50- $78.85
(all prices in Canadian Dollars)

For orders larger then 29 plants use the shipping rate of 29 roses and we will advise on the exact amount with the confirmation.

Note to all our BC customers

To assure that our product arrives to your home in the same condition that it left our premises we reserve the right to refuse to ship roses in poor weather conditions and/or if no suitable methods of transportation can be agreed upon.

Further Information for Canadian Mail Orders

  • We only sell bare root roses and require a three plant minimum.
  • The shipping costs above include packaging and handling fees.
  • Orders need to be paid in full prior to shipping.
  • We reserve the right to adjust shipping dates if the shipping time is deemed to be too risky due to weather conditions.
  • Due to fuel surcharges and postal rate changes in January, the above represents our best estimate.  If any changes need to be made we will contact you.