Rose Grades

Understanding  Rose Grades: Decoding the Hierarchy

Rose grades, established over 50 years ago by the American Association of Nurserymen and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), play a pivotal role in determining the quality of grafted, field-grown garden roses. This grading system categorizes roses into Grade 1, the largest plant with at least three strong canes; Grade 1.5, a smaller plant with at least two canes; and Grade 2, the smallest plant size. This sizing is different between rose classes. For instance, miniature roses will be graded with different sizing in mind than, let’s say, a climber.

At Palatine, we have only sold Grade 1 roses so far, but as of 01/16/24, we are offering #1.5 Grade roses after the Grade 1 roses sell out. All grade #1.5 roses will have a # 1.5 marked on their label; you will also note that the pricing reflects the smaller size. As a nursery, we aim to grow Grade 1 roses and do our very best to achieve that. So, you can only expect to find a Grade #1.5 in some cases, and only once the Grade #1 roses have been sold.

We stand behind the quality of all our roses regardless of the grade. Please trim your roses back when they are planted. In the case of #1.5 plants, it is especially important, as it will stimulate basal growth and produce well-shaped plants. So please cut them back to 4″ once planted (with the graft union appropriately deep, depending on your growing area).