TAB: Shipping — Bare-Root & Potted Roses

Please know we only ship bare root roses.

We ship throughout North America March through April. We cannot ship outside of North America at this time.

When you place your order you will be able to select your preferred shipping date based on your personal schedule and gardening needs. If you are new to gardening and need help picking an appropriate date we are glad to help.

For our Canadian Customers:

All orders ship on Mondays. Canadian orders will be shipped via Loomis Express straight from our nursery and will receive a tracking number from the Loomis Express website. We may ship with courier to our BC customers if the weather in the Prairies makes it prohibitive to ship safely with Loomis Express. We reserve the right to refuse to ship orders if we deem the weather to be too risky to the plant’s health.

Please see Shipping Rates in Canada.

For our US Customers:

US orders are exported to our US Warehouse and ship Mondays via Fed-Ex. You will receive a tracking number from our warehouse, Freight Boy Inc. On occasions these tracking numbers have found their way into our customer’s email junk mail. Before reaching out to us please have a look there for a Fed-Ex shipment coming from Freight Boy, Niagara Falls, NY.

Please see Shipping Rates in USA.