Kelp 100g

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KELP IS ONE OF THE WORLD’S FASTEST GROWING PLANTS. We use it on everything - nursery plants, potted plants, fruit trees... Everything.
1. It’s completely natural-safe to the earth and all living things.
2. It’s not exclusive. It can be used on all living plants (indoors and outdoors).
3. It is full of necessary nutrients aiding in soil nutrition which translates into increased nutritional value of the harvested crops as well as improved overall health of plants.
4. It also contains growth hormones (auxins, gibberellins, and cytokinins) which are readily taken up by plants and put directly to use.
5. Kelp stimulates soil bacteria while increasing soil structure, aeration, and moisture retention.
6. It aids in improved seed germination, establishes a more extensive root system, and greater resistance to pests like nematodes.
7. You need very little of little.

This fertilizer is approved by according to EU, NOP, and COS organic standards by CERES and OMRI.



Kelp 100g


Fertilizer, Soil Enhancer


100g *



* The heights & zones are guidelines only. Roses & fruit trees grow differently in different zones, and require proper winter protection accordingly.


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Kelp 100gKelp 100g, Fertilizer, Soil EnhancerFertilizer, Soil Enhancer