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Safer’s Rose & Flower Insecticide

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Safer’s Rose & Flower Insecticide kills aphids, soft brown scale, spider mites, psyllids, rose slugs (sawflies), and earwigs.

Directions for use are dependent on the type of insect:

  • Aphids: Use at first sighting, paying special attention to young shoots and buds where aphids congregate. Repeat weekly.
  • Soft Brown Scale: Spray crawlers directly as they are killed on contact. Hatching of crawlers is staggered, so 2-3 applications may be required. Repeat spray at 7-10 day intervals as necessary.
  • Spider Mites: Spray every 5-7 days, and mist plant with water daily until mite problem is controlled.
  • Psyllids: Spray foliage at first sighting and repeat as required.
  • Rose Slugs (Sawflies): Spray fronts and backs of leaf surfaces. Repeat a few weeks later, when second generation tends to reappear.
  • Earwigs: Spray at night when insects are out to reduce numbers. Repeat weekly.

The 1L suspension is ready-to-use. Shake well and apply in the morning or late evening to avoid burning your plants’ leaves.


Package Size

1 L


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