Ornamental Cherry Trees

We have a selection of beautiful ornamental cherry trees in 4 Gallon pots – for $69.95. Currently the trees are 5-7ft tall, but as they are not grafted onto dwarfing rootstocks, they will all reach 40-50+ feet at full maturity (*aside from the Ivensii, which is a weeping variety). All varieties require full sun and moist well-drained soil. They are all suited to Hardiness Zones 5-8.

Akebono – fragrant soft-pink blooms fading to white, large and semi-double flowers.

Asagi – this rare cultivar has unusual pale greenish-yellow flowers.

Ichiyo – double shell-pink flowers fading to white, blooming in clusters on long stalks.

Ivensii – single, snow-white, almond scented blooms. **This tree has a strong weeping habit, so will likely only reach 10 or so feet.

Kiku Shidare – fully double, richly pink blooms present in clusters on arching branches.

Kwanzan – with its deep pink, double blooms, this tree is very showy.

Pandora – with fragrant, pale pink blooms, this tree is very popular with bees.

Pink Perfection – profusion of large, double, pink blooms which range from pale to deep purple-pink.

Shiro Fugen – large, mostly white (with hints of pink on the reverse), fragrant blooms. This tree is very attractive to birds.



Hardiness Zones


Akebono, Asagi, Ichiyo, Ivensii, Kiku Shidare, Kwanzan, Pandora, Pink Perfection, Shiro Fugen


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