Dark Desire™ Parfuma®

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Very healthy Dark Desire™ Parfuma® has velvety black buds which turn to extraordinary deep purple/red blooms that are rimmed with nearly black petals. The high centred buds open to very fragrant, large and full romantic flowers. Upright, Dark Desire™ Parfuma® grows to be a 4' - 5' tall plant with semi-glossy dark green foliage. This rose can grow in many different conditions including the very hot and dry south. Additional in 2014 Dark Desire™ Parfuma® was the recipient of the destignished ADR award. Propagated on hardy Rosa Multiflora rootstock. All roses have been grown and tended in our family-owned rose nursery.

Strong classic rose fragrance with fresh citrus notes of grapefruit with a hint of myrrh.

Rose Details

Rose name:

Dark Desire™ Parfuma®

Other names:

KORdiagraf, Burgundy Panarosa, Gräfin Diana


Hybrid Tea rose


Very Fragrant rose

Rose color:

Mauve and Mauve Blend


Kordes, 2013


4' - 5' *

Shrub form:


Bloom size:


Petal count:



5b - 9d *


Very healthy

Repeat bloomer

* The heights & zones are guidelines only. Roses & fruit trees grow differently in different zones, and require proper winter protection accordingly.

Rose awards

ADR 2014

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Dark Desire™ Parfuma®Dark Desire™ Parfuma®, Hybrid Tea roseHybrid Tea rose