Buxom Beauty™

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Healthy, Buxom Beauty™ blooms hot pink flowers with mist of purple edging. These double, classic and opulent blossoms are one of the largest flowers we grow; further enhanced by a rich rose perfume. Buxom Beauty™ grows healthy dark green foliage and will reach to be 3' - 4' in height. Buxom Beauty™ may be of interest to rose exhibitors. This rose has been recognized international by receiving various impressive awards, including: Den Haag Perfume Award, 2004, Nantes Perfume Award 2002, Madrid Perfume Award 2001, Potsdam Gold Medal 2001. Propagated on hardy Rosa Multiflora rootstock. All roses have been grown and tended in our family-owned rose nursery.

Rich classic rose fragrance enhanced by sweet notes honey and hints of earthy patchouli.

Rose Details

Rose name:

Buxom Beauty™

Other names:

KORbilant, Parole, Garden Queen, XXL, Wanda Ferragamo


Hybrid Tea rose


Very Fragrant rose

Rose color:

Deep Pink


Kordes, 2001


3' - 4' *

Shrub form:


Bloom size:

Very Large

Petal count:



USDA 5b - 9b *



Repeat bloomer Exhibition rose

* The heights & zones are guidelines only. Roses & fruit trees grow differently in different zones, and require proper winter protection accordingly.

Rose awards

Den Haag Perfume Award, 2004, Nantes Perfume Award 2002, Madrid Perfume Award 2001, Potsdam Gold Medal 2001

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Buxom Beauty™Buxom Beauty™, Hybrid Tea roseHybrid Tea rose