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Grapes are fresh off the vines and ready to eat. Enjoy these grapes when they’re ready in September!

Sovereign Coronation – a blue, very flavourful, ‘sweet-and-sour’ grape with very few seeds – Early Season
Canadice – a pink seedless grape – Early Season
Rene Blanc – a white seedless Muscat variety – Early Season
Rene Bleu – Mid Season

In Season

Early September to Mid October


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Fruit Varieties

Canadice, Rene Blanc, Sovereign Coronation

Package Size

3L Basket


Looking for Palatine Fruit but you are not local?

Unfortunately, we do not ship fresh or preserved fruit products. Fruit is available for purchase in-store or online for in-store pick up only.

When our fruit is in season, you are welcome to pick up during our store hours. If you would like larger volumes you may want to call in your order so we can get it ready for you in advance.

Check out our fruit harvest guidelines to get a sense of what fruits are ready when. These are based on an average year and, depending on how long or short of a spring season we had, the timing may change.