Dr. Rech’s Vitanal Professional Roses

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Vitanal Professional Roses promotes healthy growth, vigorous plants, strong basal shoots, and glossy leaves. It is ideal for the regeneration of exhausted soils.

A highly effective, environmentally friendly botanical rose booster. Made from plants for plants.

Water the mixture around the base of the rose starting in the spring, when the rose starts to shoot out. Continue weekly throughout the growing season until the fall, and then stop when the foliage starts to turn colour. In the Spring start with 4 ml/Litre of water and slowly increase so you have 8 mL/Litre through the Summer. Start to reduce so you end up with 4 ml/L in the fall.

If you have a forlorn rose bush, you can give 8-10ml/L once in the spring to help it begin.

Must be shaken before use, and it is important to note that this product cannot freeze, and should not go below 2 degrees Celsius.



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