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Fresh and local apples will be available starting in August. Use in all areas including fresh eating, baking, juicing, drying and freezing. We enjoy growing a wide variety of apples.  Some of our varieties include the following:

Alpha – Matte green apple with a red blush. Crisp and juicy, with moderate tartness.

Ashmead’s Kernel – Medium sized yellow-greenish russeted apple variety that is more than 300 years old, known for it’s outstanding flavour.

Bravo – Green apple with a red blush. Crisp and juicy with a mild, lightly acidic, flavour.

Charlie – Large and bright green apple. Similar to a granny smith in both appearance and flavour.

Enterprise – Large, attractive red apple with excellent fruit quality and storage capacity (up to 6 month)

Florina – Yellow/green apple with a red blush. Crisp and juicy with a well balanced and flavourful sugar-acid ratio. Good for storage.

Galarina –  Small to medium sized apple, orangish-red over a yellow background.  The flavor is crisp and sweet.  Excellent for storage.

Grime’s Golden – Medium to large apple with crisp and sweet flesh with excellent flavour.

Honeycrisp – Large apple, with a light green/yellow background and red/orange blush. Crisp and exceptionally juicy, with a well balanced sweet-tart flavour.

Karneval Medium to large apple, yellow streaks over carmine background, with crisp flesh and well balanced flavour. Good for storage.

Liberty – McIntosh-style apple, with red skin and crisp, juicy flesh, and well balanced flavour.

Pristine – Very early much improved “Yellow Transparent” type apple with crisp flesh, excellent flavor, and great good acid/sugar balance. Ripens in early August.

Rebella – Perfect children’s apple, small with a yellow undertone and red blush. Crisp, juicy, and sweet, with balanced acidity.

Red Love – Small to medium red apple with arresting pink/red flesh. Firm, flavourful and juicy, with a strong sweet-acid flavour tending towards tartness. Exceptionally high in antioxidants.

In Season

Mid August to October


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Fruit Varieties

Ashmead's Kernel, Enterprise, Galarina, Grime's Golden, Karneval, Rebella, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Florina, Honeycrisp, Liberty, Pristine, Red Love

Package Size

3L Basket, 20lbs Box Treerun


Looking for Palatine Fruit but you are not local?

Unfortunately, we do not ship fresh or preserved fruit products. Fruit is available for purchase in-store or online for in-store pick up only.

When our fruit is in season, you are welcome to pick up during our store hours. If you would like larger volumes you may want to call in your order so we can get it ready for you in advance.

Check out our fruit harvest guidelines to get a sense of what fruits are ready when. These are based on an average year and, depending on how long or short of a spring season we had, the timing may change.