Frequently Asked Questions

Question and Answer for Garden roses - Mail order and pick up.

If a rose is sold out when will it be available again?

We only sell what we grow. As we are in Ontario, Canada we have one harvest a year and thus one inventory a year to draw from. Our inventory gets harvested and graded in late October. Once grading is complete we start taking order - December 6, 2021.

When is the best time to place my order?

We start accepting orders for December 6, 2021 9:00 AM EST. As we are a small rose nursery, we have very limited availability on some cultivars. Place your order early if you are looking for a specific rose. All roses are sold first come first serve.

In early spring I noticed that you sometimes have roses in the garden centre but are sold out on the website?

To be sure our garden centre does have a selection, we hold a small percentage of roses back so our local walk in customers have some diversity of roses to select from in our garden centre. Once all bare root roses have been shipped we update the website to reflect our garden centre inventory.

When do you ship your roses?

We ship our bare root roses in March and April. When you place your order you will be cued to select a shipping date as we cannot be aware of your personal schedule and gardening needs. We always ship on a Monday. Your selected shipping date is the day we ship not the day the roses will arrive. If you have never grown roses before we are glad to assist you to determine a good shipping time.

I cannot be sure in advance as to when I will pick up my order. What do I do?

When you place your pick up order you are required to select a pick up date. If you are not sure what week would work best for you feel free to guess and then communicate any changes with us as soon as you are aware of them. 

I live in the USA. Can I pick up roses and bring them back home?

Yes you can bring roses back into the USA as long as you have a phytosanitary certificate. For Palatine too obtain the phytosanitary certificate for you, we need the following information:

  1. The exact order quantity and name of each rose cultivar.

  2. If the roses are potted or bare root (only a small number of states accept soil on roses/roses in pots - NY does).

  3. The pick up date (Note: it takes three days for us to obtain the certificate as we have to fill out forms and an inspector needs to come on site to approve our roses and provide us with the phytosanitary certificate).

  4. Your name.

  5. Your address and final destination of the roses.

  6. Your phone number and/or email.

  7. $25.00 to pay for the certification.

What currency do you charge?

We charge the currency where the roses are to be shipped. Roses shipping to the US are in US funds. Roses shipping in Canada are in Canadian funds. All pickup orders are in Canadian funds and Ontario taxes are applied.

Can I add to my order and if so how?

You cannot edit your order online. It is best for you to email us at or to call us. As of January 2020, our policy is that we can add roses to your order, as long as the order has not yet been put together. If the order has been assembled you can order more roses but it will have to be under a separate order number. We will do our very best to combine the orders if the shipping and pick up date are the same. We have found that some customers want separate shipping dates to spread the labour of planting the roses across a longer time frame. For this reason we will only combine orders with different shipping dates if you communicate to us that you want all your roses combined.

Can I cancel my order and if so how?

Your order can be cancelled up to 10 days prior to shipping, up to March 15th. After March 15th we can not accept cancellations as we no longer accept mail orders so it becomes much harder for us to sell the plants to someone else. The best way to cancel your order is to email us at or to call us.

Where do you ship to?

We currently ship throughout all of continental North America. We can ship to Hawaii and Puerto Rico; however, we request that they are shipped UPS three day to insure the delay during importation does not over extend how much time the live plants are in transit and thus their well being. At this time we do not have the certifications in place to ship outside of North America.

Do you take Pre-Orders?

It is our policy not to take pre-orders. This way all customers have the same opportunity to purchase a rose cultivar regardless if they can only plant in the spring compared to those who may plant earlier in the fall. All customers can start placing orders as of the First Monday in December 9:00 am EST.

What are your order deadlines?

For spring shipments the order deadline is March 15th.

Your shopping cart is just open and you are already sold out. How can this be?

It takes two years to produce our roses and we try our best to anticipate demand yet sometimes we are wrong. We have found that social media can easily change the desirability of a rose within weeks which is an impossible time frame for us to respond to. Additionally, for rare roses we may only have access to low budwood availability. Thus some roses are available in lower quantities. For these reasons we can sell out very fast of certain cultivars (within minutes of opening the shopping cart). 

Do you have a waiting list?

Our waiting list is only valid for one inventory/rose crop at a time. We do not carry waiting lists into the next rose crop. If between November, March and April shipping and pick up dates the rose has not become available, we start anew with in December after opening of our shopping cart.

How up to date is your website, so many roses are sold out.

We work hard to keep our inventory as accurate as possible. Depending on the availability and the demand roses can be sold out fast. Between early December to the next December there is no new inventory added unless we have cancellations.

How do I obtain a gift certificate?

Our website is not set up for gift certificates. You are welcome to call us or email us at and we will help you.

Are your roses own root? If not what are they grafted on?

We only sell grafted roses and these are generally grafted on Rosa Multiflora and sometimes RosaLaxa (for most OGR).

Question and answer for cut roses

When are your cut roses available?

To be most ecologically mindful our cut roses are outdoor field grown. Depending on the season the earliest we will have cut roses is mid June. We stop cutting roses the first week of September. We have found over the years that cool nights from the fall weather makes it hard to produce consistently beautiful blooms. Additionally the roses need to slow down so they can survive our Canadian winter.

Do you ship your cut roses?

At this time we do not ship cut roses. 

Where are you cut roses available?

You can find our cut roses here at our garden centre and fruit market in Niagara on the Lake. Additionally, larger volumes are sold through Ontario Flower Grower Auction in Mississauga. We sell under grower number 434. Lastly, we sell through the Local Flower Collective in Toronto. You must be a member to purchase through these outlets.

Do you work with florist, brides, BnB?

We welcome all customers. Please know that we only sell the cut rose. We do not offer any other floral services. 

Do you take pre-orders?

All pre-orders are welcome. Please know that we cannot confirm orders until approximately 5 days prior. Numerous factors can affect the rose bloom: heat, rain, hail and other natural occurrences that are outside of our control which can change availability.

All roses are sold first come, first serve. If there is a particular rose you like, order it so you can be sure to have it.

What cultivars do you carry?

All cultivars are listed on our website. A few are available only in very low volumes.

Can you grow cut rose plants for other cut rose growers?

We can produce cut rose rose plants as a custom order if the order volume is large enough and if we have the propagation rights from the hybridizer.

Fruit Question and Answer

Is your fruit organically grown?

We pursue organic methods whenever we practically can. We are working on soil health since 20 years (high calcium applications, minimal commercial fertilizer, manure, green manure, cover cops, as well as foliar sprays like Growers and Vitanal). We believe soil health is the key to everything. We use pheromones where possible for insect control, as well as Neem Oil, essential oils and other organically approved sprays. There are some fungal issues (such as black knot in plums) and some insects that we have no tools yet to deal with organically, and in these instances we use commercial non organic sprays. We are in the process of setting up new orchards as permaculture orchards, and hope to be able to expand that concept. 

Where can I buy your fruit?

When in season our fruit is available here at our fruit market as well as through numerous markets and stands in Ontario such as: 

  • Brookfront Farm Store, 2053 Bridge St., New Dundee, 1-519-696-2637

  • Amy and Patrick Kitchen with Sideroad Farm Store, 805092 Sideroad 25, RR3, Markdale, ON N0C1H0 c: 705.446.5503

  • Michael & Phyllis Freiesleben with TLC Animal Husbandry Inc or 1- 519-327-8060 - pre-orders only

  • Fruition in Guelph - Jackie Keenan - - pre-orders only

  • Laurie Lemay in Barrie

  • Michael Smidt in Durham with locations at the Village Market in Thornhill at the Toronto Farmers Market. All pick up at the farm must be pre-ordered. 

  • Palatine Pick Up Location in Toronto once a week. All fruit must be pre-orders on OFN

When is your apple cider available and what is in it?

Our apple cider is available late fall. We include a large selection of apples from our fresh eating apples such as Liberty and Florina to our columnar apples, as well as twenty percent of our red fleshed apples. This produces a complex and full flavour with a beautiful colour. Red Love Calypso apples, which are red fleshed, are particularly high in vitamin C and antioxidants. The cider is flashed pasteurized and can be stored easily. 

General Inquiries

Do you offer farm tours?

In the summer, depending on the location of our rose field and on selected Saturdays, we offer tours to our garden rose nursery field. Please note this is for our garden rose nursery field only - not our cut rose field (as most blooms are cut this is not a very exciting field to see). All notifications of garden rose nursery field tours will be communicated on our social media streams. We do not offer tours to our orchard at this time.

Can you accommodate tour buses?

Bus tours are welcome as long as they are scheduled in advanced so we can be sure to have the appropriate amount of staff on hand to help with cashing out and be sure to have extra items of interest easily on hand in our garden centre. Depending on the amount of notification and the nature of the tour, we can also provide a small demonstration on topics such as: rose nursery, grafting, cut roses, tender fruit selection.

Do you offer workshops?

We would love to offer workshops? What would you like to experience? Let us know!

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