Yellow,fairy Tale - Garden Roses

Welcome to Palatine Roses. Below are what roses are available for pick up and mail order for spring 2020. Yes we are sold out of a number of them. It is because we grow what we sell and we have one inventory a year. We harvest our roses in the fall and start accepting orders early September. Bare root order deadline for spring 2020 is March 15th. We start potted our roses mid March and thus they are no longer bare root.

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Barock® rose

Barock® roses

Floral™ Fairy Tale

Floral™ Fairy Tale rose

Floral™ Fairy Tale roses


Goldelse® rose

Goldelse® roses

René André

René André rose

René André roses

La Belle Sultane

La Belle Sultane rose

La Belle Sultane roses

The 1812 Rose™

The 1812 Rose™ rose


Juanita™ rose

Pomponella™ Fairy Tale

Pomponella™ Fairy Tale rose

Pomponella™ Fairy Tale roses


Splendens rose

Splendens roses


Friesia™ rose

Friesia™ roses

Golden™ Fairy Tale

Golden™ Fairy Tale rose

Golden™ Fairy Tale roses

Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow rose

Mrs. Oakley Fisher

Mrs. Oakley Fisher rose

Mrs. Oakley Fisher roses

Roberta Bondar

Roberta Bondar rose

Roberta Bondar roses

Cinderella™ Fairy Tale™

Cinderella™ Fairy Tale™ rose

Cinderella™ Fairy Tale™ roses


Peaudouce™ rose

Peaudouce™ roses

Sunny Sky™ Eleganza®

Sunny Sky™ Eleganza® rose

Sunny Sky™ Eleganza® roses

Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather rose

Stormy Weather roses

Tuscany Superb

Tuscany Superb rose

Tuscany Superb roses

Red Corsair™

Red Corsair™ rose

Red Corsair™ roses

Super Excelsa®

Super Excelsa® rose

Super Excelsa® roses

Caramella™ Fairy Tale™

Caramella™ Fairy Tale™ rose

Caramella™ Fairy Tale™ roses

Garden Sunshine

Garden Sunshine rose

Garden Sunshine roses

Kordes® Golden Gate™

Kordes® Golden Gate™ rose

Kordes® Golden Gate™ roses

Kordes® Moonlight™

Kordes® Moonlight™ rose

Lichtkönigin Lucia™

Lichtkönigin Lucia™ rose

Lichtkönigin Lucia™ roses


Postilion rose

Postilion roses

Solero Vigorosa®

Solero Vigorosa® rose

Solero Vigorosa® roses

Sunbeam™ Veranda®

Sunbeam™ Veranda® rose

Sunbeam™ Veranda® roses

Sweet Jane™

Sweet Jane™ rose

Sweet Jane™ roses

Grimm Brother™ Fairy Tale

Grimm Brother™ Fairy Tale rose

Grimm Brother™ Fairy Tale roses


Cornelia rose

Cornelia roses

Elfi von Dassanowsky

Elfi von Dassanowsky rose

Elfi von Dassanowsky roses


Erfurt rose

Erfurt roses

Garden Delight™

Garden Delight™ rose

Garden Delight™ roses

Dark Knight™

Dark Knight™ rose

Edgar Degas®

Edgar Degas® rose

Edgar Degas® roses

Olivier Roellinger®

Olivier Roellinger® rose

Rosa Mundi

Rosa Mundi rose

Rosa Mundi roses


Escimo™ rose

Garden Party

Garden Party rose

Katharina Zeimet

Katharina Zeimet rose

Lion's™ Fairy Tale

Lion's™ Fairy Tale rose

Lion's™ Fairy Tale roses

Pearl of Niagara™

Pearl of Niagara™ rose

Pearl of Niagara™ roses


Prosperity rose

Prosperity roses

Rosa Alba Semi Plena

Rosa Alba Semi Plena rose

Amber Sun™

Amber Sun™ rose

Crazy Love™

Crazy Love™ rose

Crazy Love™ roses


Peace® rose

Peace® roses

South Africa® Sunbelt®

South Africa® Sunbelt® rose

South Africa® Sunbelt® roses

Summer Fashion™

Summer Fashion™ rose

Summer Fashion™ roses