Red,fairy Tale - Garden Roses

Due to covid19 our retail store will be closed this spring. We will offer pick up for pre-paid orders. Our inventory will be updated soon for you to place your orders online or via email. We are no longer accepting bare root orders until September 14, 2020. Please note we cannot ship potted roses.

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Bliss™ Parfuma®

Bliss™ Parfuma® rose

Bliss™ Parfuma® roses

Floral™ Fairy Tale

Floral™ Fairy Tale rose

Floral™ Fairy Tale roses


Sonnenwelt® rose

Sonnenwelt® roses


Barkarole™ rose

Barkarole™ roses

Black Caviar

Black Caviar rose

Black Caviar roses

Burgundy Iceberg™

Burgundy Iceberg™ rose

Burgundy Iceberg™ roses

Charles Lefèbvre Climber

Charles Lefèbvre Climber rose

Charles Lefèbvre Climber roses

Desmond Tutu™ Sunbelt®

Desmond Tutu™ Sunbelt® rose

Desmond Tutu™ Sunbelt® roses

Duftzauber 84™

Duftzauber 84™ rose

Duftzauber 84™ roses

Gipsy Boy

Gipsy Boy rose

Gipsy Boy roses


Highgrove rose

Highgrove roses

Ingrid Bergman™

Ingrid Bergman™ rose

Ingrid Bergman™ roses

John Ruskin

John Ruskin rose

La Belle Sultane

La Belle Sultane rose

La Belle Sultane roses


Liebeszauber™ rose

Liebeszauber™ roses


Mothersday™ rose

Mothersday™ roses

Our Anniversary

Our Anniversary rose

Schwarze Madonna™

Schwarze Madonna™ rose

The 1812 Rose™

The 1812 Rose™ rose

Toscana Vigorosa®

Toscana Vigorosa® rose


Laguna™ rose

Laguna™ roses

Pomponella™ Fairy Tale

Pomponella™ Fairy Tale rose

Pomponella™ Fairy Tale roses


Roxy™ rose

Roxy™ roses

Golden™ Fairy Tale

Golden™ Fairy Tale rose

Golden™ Fairy Tale roses

Cinderella™ Fairy Tale™

Cinderella™ Fairy Tale™ rose

Cinderella™ Fairy Tale™ roses

Earth Angel™ Parfuma®

Earth Angel™ Parfuma® rose

Earth Angel™ Parfuma® roses

Great Maidens Blush

Great Maidens Blush rose

Great Maidens Blush roses

Gros Choux d'Hollande

Gros Choux d'Hollande rose

Gros Choux d'Hollande roses


Juno rose


PIRO 3 rose

Schön Ingeborg

Schön Ingeborg rose

Schön Ingeborg roses


Sidonie rose

Sidonie roses

Souvenir de la Malmaison Climber

Souvenir de la Malmaison Climber rose

Souvenir de la Malmaison Climber roses

Bleu Magenta

Bleu Magenta rose

Bleu Magenta roses

Charles de Gaulle™

Charles de Gaulle™ rose

Charles de Gaulle™ roses

Charles de Mills

Charles de Mills rose

Charles de Mills roses

Dark Desire™ Parfuma®

Dark Desire™ Parfuma® rose

Dark Desire™ Parfuma® roses

Erinnerung an Brod

Erinnerung an Brod rose

Erinnerung an Brod roses

Heaven's Eye

Heaven's Eye rose


Hippolyte rose

Hippolyte roses

Purple Rain™

Purple Rain™ rose

Quicksilver™ Arborose®

Quicksilver™ Arborose® rose

Rose du Maître d'École

Rose du Maître d'École rose

Rose du Maître d'École roses

The Bishop

The Bishop rose

The Bishop roses

Tour de Malakoff

Tour de Malakoff rose

Tour de Malakoff roses

Tuscany Superb

Tuscany Superb rose

Tuscany Superb roses

Yolande d'Aragon

Yolande d'Aragon rose

Yolande d'Aragon roses


Bullata rose

Bullata roses

Kiss Me Kate™ Arborose®

Kiss Me Kate™ Arborose® rose

Kiss Me Kate™ Arborose® roses

Marijke Koopman

Marijke Koopman rose

Marijke Koopman roses

Paul Neyron

Paul Neyron rose

Prolifera de Redouté

Prolifera de Redouté rose

Prolifera de Redouté roses

Beloved Bill

Beloved Bill rose

Beloved Bill roses

Black Forest™

Black Forest™ rose

Bordeaux™ Citiscape®

Bordeaux™ Citiscape® rose

Bordeaux™ Citiscape® roses

Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase rose


Etna rose

Etna roses

Florentina™ Arborose®

Florentina™ Arborose® rose

Florentina™ Arborose® roses

Grande Amore 2004™ Eleganza®

Grande Amore 2004™ Eleganza® rose

Grande Amore 2004™ Eleganza® roses

Leopold Ritter

Leopold Ritter rose


Montana™ rose

Montana™ roses

Out of Rosenheim™

Out of Rosenheim™ rose

Out of Rosenheim™ roses

Red Corsair™

Red Corsair™ rose

Red Corsair™ roses

Rosa gallica 'Officinalis

Rosa gallica 'Officinalis rose

Rosa gallica 'Officinalis roses


Skyrocket rose

Skyrocket roses

Super Excelsa®

Super Excelsa® rose

Super Excelsa® roses

Caramella™ Fairy Tale™

Caramella™ Fairy Tale™ rose

Caramella™ Fairy Tale™ roses

Brilliant Veranda®

Brilliant Veranda® rose


Butterfly rose

Butterfly roses

Grimm Brother™ Fairy Tale

Grimm Brother™ Fairy Tale rose

Grimm Brother™ Fairy Tale roses

Leonie Lamesch

Leonie Lamesch rose

Chica Veranda®

Chica Veranda® rose

Dolly Parton™

Dolly Parton™ rose

Dolly Parton™ roses


Tropicana™ rose

Tropicana™ roses

Panachée de Lyon

Panachée de Lyon rose


Regensberg rose

Regensberg roses

Dark Knight™

Dark Knight™ rose

Double Delight™

Double Delight™ rose

Double Delight™ roses

Guy Savoy

Guy Savoy rose

Hot Cocoa™

Hot Cocoa™ rose

Hot Cocoa™ roses

Jenny Duval

Jenny Duval rose

Jenny Duval roses


Picasso rose

Alfred Sisley™

Alfred Sisley™ rose

Alfred Sisley™ roses

Edgar Degas®

Edgar Degas® rose

Edgar Degas® roses


Papageno® rose


Philatelie rose

Philatelie roses

Variegata di Bologna

Variegata di Bologna rose

Variegata di Bologna roses


Biedermeier™ rose

Biedermeier™ roses

Darlow's Enigma

Darlow's Enigma rose

Darlow's Enigma roses

Lion's™ Fairy Tale

Lion's™ Fairy Tale rose

Lion's™ Fairy Tale roses


Moonstone™ rose

Moonstone™ roses