Cut Rose Farm Tour and Floral Design Experience

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Did you ever dream of seeing what it would be like to grow your own cut roses and have florist instruction on how to make beautiful floral arrangements? September 14, 2019 we are offering our first cut rose experience on our nursery and farm.

What: Cut Rose Farm Tour and Floral Design Experience

Where: Palatine Fruit and Roses, 2108 Four Mile Creek Road, NOTL

When: Saturday September 14, 2019. 1:00PM - 3:00PM

You will get:
* a tour of our cut rose field
* taught how to cut your own roses and what to do to ensure a long vase life
* select and cut the roses you want for your arrangement in the workshop
* a workshop on how to make your own beautiful rose arrangement with the talented and sought after Toronto floral designer Amira Shabason of Kenilworth Floral
* an opportunity to take a picture or video of your own creation using our neutral backdrop before you take it home
* a beautiful antique-like vase
* refreshments which includes peach pie using our very own Palatine grown peaches

Worthy to note that after 08/30/19 we cannot provide a full refund for cancellations as we will have to order the vases and non-rose floral goods.


Cut Rose Farm Tour and Floral Design Experience

Other names:

Fun Times at Palatine


Cut Rose Tour and Seminar

Please know that we do not ship our plants and supplies. These items are available for pick up at our garden centre only.
Our garden centre is now open for browsing and to make purchases.
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Cut Rose Farm Tour and Floral Design ExperienceCut Rose Farm Tour and Floral Design Experience, Cut Rose Tour and SeminarCut Rose Tour and Seminar