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Approximate Harvest Date


Sandra Rose
Hedelfingen, Sonata, Lapin, Kordia

July 1 - July 15
July 10 - July 20
July 20 - July 30


Goldrich, Harcot, Vivagold, Velvaglow

July 15 - August 6


Early Golden
Vibrant, Violet, Italian Prunes
Black Amber, Fortune         

July 15 - August 15
July 30 - August 20
August 10 - August 30
August 25 - September 30
August 25 - September 30


Harrow Diamond
Garnet Beauty
Harson, Red Haven, Red Star
Coralstar, Allstar
PF 24, Cresthaven

July 20
July 30
August 10
August 25
September 5

White Fleshed peaches

White Lady
Tiffani Rose

August 15 - September 5
August 30 - September 7


Silver Gem
EP 50

July 30
August 25
September 10


Sovereign Coronation, Canadice, Rene Blanc
Rene Bleu

September 10
September 25


Pristine, Red Free
Alpha, Beta
Red Fleshed Apples

September 10
September 15
October 20
October 20
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