December 2021 Rose Shopping

We are so privileged to be part of such an enthusiastic, supportive, and involved crowd!

In light of the December 6th website crash we have been busy upgrading our systems further, this includes increasing our server capacity. Additionally, we have implemented a feature called an online waiting room that will help with the number of excited rose shoppers.

What are online waiting rooms?

When a large amount of traffic is detected, to stop the website from crashing, users are instead directed to a virtual waiting room, and once the online store opens, they are placed in a queue. A virtual waiting room is a static website page that displays the user’s place in the queue in real-time. When it is the user’s turn to access the site, they will then be able to enter the site and complete their transaction. (Read more here…)

What you can expect to experience:

  • There will be a countdown page prior to activating our online store. All the customers that are coming to our website will be held in this waiting room. Once our online store opens each customer in this waiting area will be assigned a random position to enter the store.
  • Any customer that goes to our website subsequently will be chronologically added to the queue.
  • The waiting room estimates your count down time by comparing how many positions the user has dropped since joining the room to get an average rate per minute, and applies that to the number of users in front to get an estimated waiting time. (Read more here…)
  • There will be details as to how to best engage with our waiting room when you get there.

A note about credit cards:

Thanks to our pre-sale we have discovered the following:

  • As we are a dual-currency website (taking payment in both Canadian and American dollars), we are not able to have a Credit Card saving feature on our website. 
  • This means that when you get to the checkout page, you will have to enter your credit card information, even if you had previously updated it on “My Account”.

For American Customers:

  • As this is an international online order you may need to communicate with your Credit Card provider in advance, and advise them that you will be making an international online purchase. Being prepared this way should significantly reduce the chances of your Credit Card purchase being declined.

Facts About our Inventory:

Unfortunately, the reality remains that there will still be many customers shopping for a limited amount of roses for some varieties. If you are not so lucky as to get the rose of your dreams when the time comes, please keep in mind that we have many other lesser-known roses that we believe are just as much (if not more) amazing than some of the more popular varieties.

Payment Refund & Return Policy:

This been updated over the last few days. Please click here to check this out.

Final Words:

We have done everything we can to make this process respectful for everyone. To that end, we will not be accepting orders via any other method (i.e. phone, email, social media, etc). Once the website volume has decreased to manageable levels, we will be happy to assist in the same ways we have in the past. It is difficult to express our gratitude for your patience, understanding, and support, as we navigate this unprecedented demand. Please bear with us just a little bit longer.

We all have had two years of difficulties with Covid19, uncertainties, shortages and losses. It is the season and time to bring forth the best in us and in our humanity. Let us be a community we can be proud to belong to.

Our hopes for these roses are simple: That they may grow and bring beauty, joy and a little magic to your life!

In this spirit we aim to have the shopping cart open again:

Monday December 13th, 2021, 1:00pm EST.