Sustainable at Palatine

We pride ourselves in growing fruit that is highly nutritious and low in chemicals. 

Maintaining healthy soil

Healthy soil is the foundation for fruit with enhanced flavour and nutrition. Fruit grown in good soil also stays fresh longer and does not spoil as quickly.

Palatine’s soil management is continually evolving. We use the recommendations of nutritional science and soil experts Carey Reams, Dan Skow, and V.A. Tiedjens, as well as making improvements based on our own observations.

Dealing with pests and weeds

Palatine Fruit uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM). We scout our orchards and vineyards regularly to detect harmful insects, fungus, and diseases.

We only spray when insect numbers exceed a certain threshold. Furthermore we use sprays with the least negative impact on beneficial insects, birds, and animals. Examples are natural Pyrethrins and Neem Oil.

Our preferred method of controlling fungus is to use products that are permitted by organic standards. We do not use any non-organic pre-pick sprays.

Under trees, we use a minimal level of herbicides along with mechanical weed control, as well as mulch.

The health of our trees and vines is enhanced with products such as molasses, essential oils, Vitanal and Growers Nutritional Solutions.

We say no to GMO and Neonicotinoids