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Healthy roses for your home and gardens

Environmental awareness is growing.  Organizations such as ADR (Algemiene Deutsche Rosenneuheiten) have,  already in 1990, recognized that private and public spaces require roses that are free of chemical assistance to thrive. In North America we now have the Earthkind rose trials and in England the Gold Standard Rose Trial.  Although each organization is structured differently and have different methods in how they approach their trials, they are connected by the common thread of selecting for health.  Roses recognized by these organiozation can provide the consumer with the confidence that growing a rose which has acheived these standadrs can be done with ease (no chemicals required) and will provide the satisfaction of been graced by the blooms of the queen of flower.

The global movement to trialing roses for health is in its infancy.  Not all roses available have traveled through the adventure of being examined in these "health" oriented trials.  As a result do not be surprised if your best perfomer is not inlcuded in these listings.  With so many new varieties born annually into the world of roses it might very well be that not all her ancestors will ever find their way into these tests.  And so you may find these trials interesting as you select new introduction, but rest assured the information and knoweldge that can be found in our local rose society will always provide unmeasurable value, both in selecting and carrying roses specifically target to your local gardening conditions and personal desired outcome - an informal natures retreat or an elite display show roses.